Friday, October 16, 2020

Hello And Welcome

Welcome to Twin Waterfalls, Singapore.

Twin Waterfalls Condo is currently using LifeUp app for residents to make bookings, pay fees and provide feedback.

You are seeing this page because LifeUp is unable to support browser access.

LifeUp is accessible via mobile app at this time.

As such, 

Android Users, please proceed to:


For iOS Users, please proceed to:


We also have social groups where friendly neighbours are a keyboard away to give good recommendations, help or even a funny chuckle or two.

Do sign up and drop by Happy Waterfalls at (

or Twin Waterfalls at

or scan the QR Codes below.

Happy Waterfalls

Twin Waterfalls

For something more grassroot, we also have the 

Twin Waterfalls Residents' Network 

run by our fellow neighbours. 

or scan the QR Code on the right.

See ya around!